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Competition Jacket Sportive Black LE Burgundy

€ 900,00

Competition jacket Black LE Burgundy 


This is the sporty model competition jacket.
This black sporty competition jacket features a beautiful Limited Edition fabric on the collar and bow, furthermore this jacket is trimmed with a black trim along the collar, bow and pockets.
This jacket is finished with Swarovski details. With this jacket, the Swarovski is processed along the collar and bow.
This jacket is also finished with Swarovski buttons.


This jacket is not in stock.
If you would like a different or custom size, the delivery time is 8-10 weeks.


Our jackets are made of high-quality soft-shell and can be washed at 30 degrees.
This fabric includes:
* Anti Bacterial
* Breathable
* UV protective
* Fast drying
* Water repellent

Our jackets are stretch and breathable and therefore very comfortable to wear and feel like a second skin.
You can choose the color of the soft shell yourself, as well as the Limited Edition fabrics, the color velvet and the color of the Swarovski which are used on the collar and the bow. Options such as a pocket square (breast pocket) or fake pockets are also possible.
Our coats are provided with buttons which are interchangeable (see movie). An extra option are the Swarovski buttons in different colors. If you prefer a different button, we have an extensive collection.
It is therefore possible to turn the knot so that you can change it and create a different look.

Competition Jacket Sportive in Aqua pure soft-shell. Limited fabric on col and back.