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Hollywood Dog Collar Glamorous Blue Lagoon **

€ 27,00

This is the perfect dog collar, for the dog who are just a bit more glamorous than the other dogs. It is made in the most stunning glitter fabric and sparkles like a thousand diamonds in the sun.

The dog collar is not just a glamorous collar, but a super soft and very comfy collar. It has a light weight and soft neopren padding, so the dog collar itself, do not weight very much and is extremely comfortable to wear. It is pure luxury for your dog.


25-30 cm. 2,3 cm wide.
30-35 cm. 2,5 cm wide.
35-40 cm. 2,5 cm wide.
40-45 cm. 3 cm wide.
45-50 cm. 3 cm wide.

Glitter fabric hondenhalsband